March 21st, 2018

Do you have problem water or would you like to enjoy the benefits of soft water?

Napanee and area is "limestone country". Water here is not only very hard but some areas are plagued with problem water containing contaminants such as iron, sulphur, tannins, and salt.

AQUASURE WATER SYSTEMS offers solutions for problem water. We will analyze your well water and recommend a system to remove any contaminants.

Soft water is no longer a luxury. AQUASURE water softeners save you money by extending the life of your hot water tank, faucets, and toilet tank valves. Soft water means less soap for washing; clothes that last longer; sparkling glassware; and yes, softer skin, and shiny, silky hair.

Stop by AQUASURE to arrange for a free water analysis and recommendations for your water supply.